A map-centric travel blog for photograhers (visit site)

I love maps, and taking travel photos, so when it came time to revamp my family's old travel blog I knew I wanted to make the maps a central part of the experience.

I built this site using Rails 5, and it functions like a standard blog with the ability to create & edit posts, view next/previous entries, etc. The difference is that each blog post is georeferenced, which allows me to show an interactive map on each post (this shows the locations of nearby posts).

Furthermore, a full-screen map interface allows users to search for blog posts spatially, which is a natural way to think about a travel blog.

Other features are integration Flickr support, which makes it very easy for me to upload a whole bunch of photos from Lightroom to Flickr, and then ingest them simply into the travel blog. This also keeps the hosting costs down as all of the large datasets are stored free of charge on Flickr.

The app is available on GitHub at https://github.com/slead/travelblog

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