Hello, my name is

Stephen Lead

I like maps, code, presentations and demos


I'm a GIS expert, specialising in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server, including building enterprise applications on the ArcGIS Server JS API. I also develop in Python, JavaScript and Rails. In my spare time I'm the producer of Ignite Sydney.

Adding a hyperlink to the header of ArcGIS Server Web AppBuilder

over 1 year ago

I wanted a way to add a hyperlink to the logo shown at the top left of an ArcGIS Server Web AppBuilder application:

![Web AppBuilder logo](http:...


Creating a drafts/approved publish queue in Rails

almost 3 years ago

I wanted to allow any member of the public to submit new Videos for inclusion on a public-facing site - but I only wanted site Administrators to ap...


Creating a Rails admin page with DataTables

almost 3 years ago

I wanted to create an admin panel for an existing Rails app and I was interested in the activeadmin gem. This would apparently create an [admin con...


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Bootleaf - an open-source mapping framework

5 months ago

While working with Insurance Australia Group, I wrote a web-mapping framework based on the excellent Bootleaf application by Bryan McBride.

The goal was to enable users to create web mapping applications quickly and with a minimum of manual intervention. The application supports a variety of widely-used GIS standards such as ArcGIS Server (feature, tiled and dynamic layers), WMS, WFS and GeoJSON. Additional functionalit...


Ignite Global website

5 months ago

I was responsible for all aspects of developing this website, which aimed to bring together the hundreds of separate Ignite chapters around the world into a cohesive and centralised page.

Individual organisers can upload their videos to the site, with admin users granted permissions to promote and highlight the best Ignite videos. A comprehensive administration system underpins the site.


Ignite Sydney website

over 2 years ago

This project involved a total redesign of the Ignite Sydney WordPress site.

It's based on Bootstrap and is designed to match the Ignite colour scheme. It's based on the Dazzling template with some configuration changes including the custom sidebar, sponsorship section, integration with EventBrite, and the social media icons.

The code is available on GitHub


2 wheels good (why you should ride a motorcycle)

almost 3 years ago

Why the solution to your transport woes is to take control, and ride a motorcycle. There are lots of good reasons, plus it's fun. Filmed at Ignite Sydney.

Why it's insane to purchase water in a bottle

almost 3 years ago

Bottled water is an unconscionable use of our valuable natural resources, for no valid reason. Here's why. Filmed at Ignite Sydney.

How to give a kick-ass demo

almost 3 years ago

A distillation of ideas for giving a technical demo which doesn't suck. Filmed at the Google Developer Day in Sydney during 2011.

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