Hello, my name is

Stephen Lead

I like maps, code, presentations and photos


I'm a programmer who specialises in geographic information systems, including building enterprise applications on the ArcGIS Server JS API, and open source geo-tools including GeoServer and Leaflet. I also develop in Ruby On Rails, Python and JavaScript. In my spare time I'm the producer of Ignite Sydney.

How to use Handlebars.js templating with the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API

over 1 year ago

Handlebars.js is a templating solution which makes it easy to create attractive templates using HTML markup, then inse...


Using GeoServer as the source for a type-ahead

over 1 year ago

When searching for features on the map, it's useful to have auto-complete or type-ahead functionality to prompt users with val...


Show a loading indicator in the ArcGIS JavaScript API v4

over 1 year ago

It's not obvious how to display a "loading" indicator while the map is working, when using the ArcGIS JS API version 4.

The trick is to use the ...


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Weather Reporter

over 1 year ago

This project started with a hunch - that the 7-day weather forecast isn't reliable enough to be of any practical use. So many times you check the weather and see that it's supposed to be cold and rainy next weekend - then when the day comes around it's actually warm and sunny.

So the aim of this project was to provide a reverse-weather-report. That is, instead of showing the predictions for the next 7 days from today the Weather Reporter shows *what they predicted today's weather would...


A map-centric travel blog for photograhers

about 2 years ago

I love maps, and taking travel photos, so when it came time to revamp my family's old travel blog I knew I wanted to make the maps a central part of the experience.

I built this site using Rails 5, and it functions like a standard blog with the ability to create & edit posts, view next/previous entries, etc. The difference is that each blog post is georeferenced, which allows me to show an interactive map on each post (this shows the locations of nearby posts).

Furthermore, a full-scree...


Bootleaf - an open-source mapping framework

almost 3 years ago

While working with Insurance Australia Group, I wrote a web-mapping framework based on the excellent Bootleaf application by Bryan McBride.

The goal was to enable users to create web mapping applications quickly and with a minimum of manual intervention. The application supports a variety of widely-used GIS standards such as ArcGIS Server (feature, tiled and dynamic layers), WMS, WFS and GeoJSON. Additional functionalit...


Bootleaf at FOSS4G Oceania

over 1 year ago

This presentation was given at the FOSS4G Oceania conference in Melbourne during November 2018, and covers the Bootleaf web mapping framework that I developed while at IAG.

2 wheels good (why you should ride a motorcycle)

about 5 years ago

Why the solution to your transport woes is to take control, and ride a motorcycle. There are lots of good reasons, plus it's fun. Filmed at Ignite Sydney.

Why it's insane to purchase water in a bottle

about 5 years ago

Bottled water is an unconscionable use of our valuable natural resources, for no valid reason. Here's why. Filmed at Ignite Sydney.

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